On żył 77 lata.
  Ojciec  : Joseph JANKOWSKI   Ojciec  : ? FRĄCKOWIAK
  Matka : Konstancja ROSZYŃSKA   Matka : Marianna OTTOWNA
Żonaty Urodzenie : Żona
Konstanty JANKOWSKI Sobota, 2 Kwiecień 1831 Małżeństwo Barbara FRĄCKOWIAK
Czarkowoo, Parafia Poniec - Polska Akt 18 - Konstanty 22 / Barbara 22
Niedziela, 17 Październik 1852
Chrzest : Czarkowo, Parafia PONIEC - Polska
Poniedziałek, 4 Kwiecień 1831 Ksiądz : ?
Konstanty Poniec, Kościół pw. Narodzenia NMP - Polska WŚwiadków : Barbara FRĄCKOWIAK
JANKOWSKI Ojciec chrzestny : Wojciech JANKOWSKI Franciszek JAKUBOWSKI Czarkowo 1831-1893
Matka chrzestna : Weronika MAĆKOWSKA Czarkowo Tomasz JANKOWSKI Franciszkowo
Ksiądz : F. SOBECKI Dzieci
Imigracaja Świadek : ?
Z Bremen do Baltimore Marianna 1853-1865
Czwartek, 12 Wrzesień 1889 Zgon : Ignacy 1858-1858
SS Rhein Piątek, 15 Maj 1908 Katarzyna Bączkiewicz 1859-19??
Rolling, Langlade Co, WI - USA Michael Lewandowska 1861-1956
Naturalization Stanisław Frąckowiak 1861-1921
Nieznane Grzebany : Wojciech Antoniewicz 1865-1919
Maj 1908 Marianna 1867-1868
Cmentarz ? - USA Franciszek Lipiński 1868-1951
Świadek : ? Franciszka Pawlak 1871-1943
Jadwiga Pawlak 1873-1916
Constantin Jankowski
A Vision of Christ
One evening in the fall of 1901, Constantin was walking along the road between the two farms of sons Albert
and Frank. As he walked he prayed the rosary - probably a common habit. But on this evening, he looked up
in the sky and beheld the image of Christ! Constantine's daughter, Francisca Pawlack, recalled the excitement
with which her father told the story of what he had seen. "The image appeared in a bright color, and stayed
for what my father estimated was several minutes." Constantine ran, planning to call his son, Frank, to see
the phenomenon, but as he reached the gate to Frank's farm, the image disappeared.
He was so overwhelmed by this vision, that in the following spring he erected a statue of Christ crucified
on the cross at the exact spot where he saw the image. The shrine was erected with the aid of his sons,
and was blessed by the Rev. Quirin Zielinski of St. Hyacinth's Catholic Church of Antigo. Farmers from
all over the area attended the ceremony.
A few years later, the crucifix (an expensive nickel figure) was stolen. The Jankowski's replaced it, but
seven years later the original crucifix was returned in the same mysterious manner in which it disappeared.
The figure was broken and showed signs of having been in the ground. Old-timers claim that one evening
shortly before the start of WWI, the sky above the shrine was red like fire, and "men, some walking and
some running, and some on horses, were engaged in warfare. " The mirage lasted for several minutes.
(Antigo Daily Journal 12/5/1936)
The shrine remains in place today - on a bend of county trunk "G" on land that was once owned by
Jankowski's as far as the eye could see. There is a small fence surrounding the area and some
spruce trees.
Some Jankowski and Marciniak infants were buried on this spot many years ago.
Source "The Lena Web", Mark Zelinski, http://www.thelenaweb.com/index.html
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