••• Pioneer of Rolling ••• Langlade County, WI
  He lived 79 years.
  Father  : Ignacy ANTONIEWICZ 1827-1909   Father  : Leon GRONOWSKI 1838-1936
  Mother : Józefa GRZEŚKOWIAK 1836-1883   Mother : Klara JEZIERSKA 1844-19??
Married Born : Wife
Antoni ANTONIEWICZ Monday, May 11, 1863 Marriage Civil Antonina GRONOWSKA
Gola, Gmina Jaraczewo - Poland Act 10 - Antoni 25 / Antonina 20
Friday, January 25, 1889
Baptized : USC Pleszew - Poland
Thursday, May 14, 1863 Officiant : ? JEWASIŃSKI
Antoni "Anton" Św. Marii Magdaleny Church, Jaraczewo - Poland Witnesses : Antonina Marianna "Antonia" GRONOWSKA
Godfather : Andrzej MIKOŁAJCZYK, Gola Stanisław JEZIERSKI 1868-1933
Godmother : Katarzyna GRZEŚKOWIAK, Aunt Gola Immigration October 3, 1893
Immigration USA Children
from BREMEN to BALTIMORE US Naturalization Born - Poland     Marianna Jankowski (1) 1889-1940
Monday, March 20, 1893 Monday, October 6, 1913 Born - Poland     Klara 1892-1893
SS Dresden Born Antigo - WI     Rose Kosinski 1894-19??
SS Dresden Death : Born Antigo - WI     Leonard Noskowiak 1896-1946
Sunday, November 1, 1942 Born Antigo - WI     Annie Netz 1898-19??
Route 3, Antigo, Wisconsin - USA Born - WI     Martha Pawlak 1900-1988
Born - WI     Agnes Dziamarski (2) 1902-1966
from Baranów, Poland Buried : Born Rolling - WI      Chester Marciniak 1905-1973
Destination Antigo, WI Wednesday, November 4, 1942 Born Rolling - WI     Felix (Unknow) 1907-1973
Antigo, Queen of Peace Cemetery, WI - USA Born Rolling - WI     Helen Marciniak 1911-1981
Star Sign Funeral services St. Hyacinth's church Born Rolling - WI     Anton Schmoll 1913-1984
Reverand Victor HOPPE
(1) Jankowski & Nowakowski
Census 1900 : Langlade Co - Antigo (2) Dziamarski & Dziamarski
Taurus Census 1905/1910/1920/1930 : Langlade Co - Rolling
Thank to Mark ZELINSKI Census 1940 : Langlade Co - Norwood Menu on Top "Spécial Family Gronowski"
Their signatures on the marriage certificate in 1889
Anton Rolling Farm. Before 1933. A large part of the family.
Same place today. The house was destroyed
Small Palace Gola, Gmina Jaraczewo St. Hyacinth's church, Antigo Sw Madgalena Church, Jaraczewo Rolling farm Anton Antoniewicz
The first resolution of the township Board of Supervisors, April 23, 1881, was to change the number of the different district schools in the township.
District No. 7 then became District No. 3, of which mention is now made, While the district was set off as such in 1881, it was not until 1885 that
a school house was erected on a clearing donated by Charles Herman, who was the first County Sheriff. The school, of log construction, was one room
and was situated in the northwest corner of the district.
Miss Hattie B. Vasburgh was the first teacher.

District No. 3 has the distinction of possessing fine agricultural lands. As fast as the white pine forests were cut settlers took up the cut-over land.

The first settlers arrived in this region in 1878, three years before the coming of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western.
James Quinn, the Vetelle family, George Hall, Solon Hall, George Connor, Charles Herman, Roy Ferguson, August Duchrow,
John Monroe, Mr. Thompson, who was a trapper and fox hunter, Charles Blamberg, William Gropp, James E. Monroe,
Walter Bryant, Albert Smith, Rudolph King, George Schraml, Hiram Tenant, R. H. Buck,
all were pioneer settlers.

Later settlers, who may rightfully be classed as pioneers, were :
Frank Kozarek, Albert Stone, Martin Marchiniak (Marciniak), Martin Murasky, Andrew Jahnkowsky (Jankowski),
Anton Antoniewicz, Steven Noskowiak, Fred Becker, George Grail, Sam P. Nelson, Otto Hanke and Steven Scott.

Full text of "History of Langlade County, Wisconsin, from U. S. government survey to present time, with biographical sketches"
Queen of Peace Cemetery, Antigo.
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