He lived 53 Years.
  Father  : Konstanty JANKOWSKI   Father  : Joseph BARANIAK / Anton ANTONIEWICZ
  Mother : Barbara FRĄCKOWIAK   Mother : Zofia DEMBSKA / Antonina GRONOWSKA
Married Born : Wifes
Wojciech JANKOWSKI Thursday, April 6, 1865 Marriage 1 Mary ANTONIEWICZ
Charłub, Gmina Książ Wielkopolski - Poland Tuesday, May 1, 1900
Antigo Church - USA
Baptized : Priest : John Quirin ZIELIŃSKI
Sunday, April 9, 1865 Witnesses :
Wojciech "Albert" Mchy, Św Marcina Biskupa Church - Poland Stanisław WASTAK 1 - Katarzyna "Katie" BARANIAK
JANKOWSKI Godfather  : Andrzej KOSMALA Thomas WALORAV 2 - Marianna "Mary" Antoniewicz
Godmother : Rozalia BRESZ
Priest : Antoni PIECHOCKI Children
Immigration USA Witness : ? Marriage 2 Jankowski/Baraniak
October 23, 1890 Wednesday, November 9, 1904   Martha Mattern 1901-1950
From Antwerp to New York Death : Antigo Church - USA   Józef J. Suchodolski 1903-1977
S.S. Rhynland Thursday, February 6, 1919 Priest : John Quirin ZIELIŃSKI
Antigo, Wisconsin - USA Witnesses : Jankowski/Antoniewicz
Jakob LIPINSKI   Constantin "Chester" 1909-1931
Naturalization Burried : Stanisław KUBRACZYK   Joanna 1912-1971
October 6, 1913 February 1919   Ladislaus 1915-1915
Antigo, Queen of Peace Cemetery - USA   Helen 1918-1918
Witness : ? Marriage 2 Mary Antoniewicz
Stanley NOWAKOWSKI Antoniewicz/Nowakowski
Tuesday, September 9, 1919   Anna Youse 1921-2002
Antigo Church - USA   Bernice 1922-19??
Priest : ?   Dolores Rank 1927-19??
Witnesses :
Kathryn BARANIAK - born : February 1882 - Poland - death : March 24, 1904 (22) Antigo WI - Immigration : 1889.
Stanley NOWAKOWSKI Widow Josephine SIWAKOWSKI - death : February 8, 1979 (90) Antigo WI
Mary KOWAKOWSKI ANTONIEWICZ - Death May 11, 1940 (51)
Source logingtrail WI on Ancestry.
Albert Jankowski, born Adalbertus (Wojciech), was born in Charlub, Posen, Poland on April 6, 1865,
and was baptized at the local parish in Mchy on April 9th. He was the 6th child born to
Constantin and Barbara Jankowski. At the time of his birth, two of his siblings had
previously died. Albert immigrated to America in the year 1890, arriving in New York City
on October 23rd.
In Wisconsin, Albert met Kathryn Baraniak.They were married on May 1, 1900 in Antigo,
and settled down on a farm in Rolling, WI. Kathryn was 17 years younger than Albert! She
had immigrated only a year earlier. It is possible that she also hailed from the Charlub
area of Poland. Many Baraniaks have been found in the Charlub area, but it has not been
confirmed that Kathryn was from Charlub. If she was, then it is possible that her marriage
to Albert had been pre-arranged, or at least that they knew each other from Poland.
Albert and Kathryn had two children: Martha, born on June 3, 1901 and Joseph, born on
March 13, 1903. Both were born in Rolling. Kathryn died of pneumonia at a very young
age on March 24, 1904. She was only 22 years old, and is buried in Antigo.
Following Kathryn's death, Albert married Mary Antoniewicz on November 9,
1904 in Antigo. If the date of Mary's birth is correct as stated on the 1900
census, she would have been 14 years old at the time of marriage! (December 9, 1889) Albert was 39.
Mary was the eldest of 10 children born to Anton Antoniewicz and Antonia
Gronowska. She was born in Poland and immigrated to America at the age of 3
with her mother. The two of them departed Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Saale,
and arrived in New York City on October 3, 1893. Mary's father Anton had
immigrated previously, arriving in this country in March of 1893.
The 1913 plat map of Rolling, Wisconsin shows that Anton Antoniewicz (Mary's
father) was the owner of a tract of land from the original Jankowski homestead.
However, I have not been able to determine whether he owned this
tract prior to, or subsequent from, his daughter's marriage to Albert.
Albert and Mary had at least four children: Chester, JoAnn, Albert, and
Stanley. They may have had others, but I have not found any records to
substantiate that.
Albert died in Antigo on February 6, 1919 at the age of 53.
He is buried in Queen of Peace Cemetery in Antigo. I have found no records following his death
of the whereabouts of Mary and their children. I haven't been able to locate
them on either of the 1920 or 1930 censuses.
Mary Antoniewicz Jankowski died on May 9, 1937 in
Antigo, and is buried in Queen of Peace cemetery.
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